Curriculum vitae English


Name: Roel Strauven
Date of Birth: 21/02/1981
Nationality: Belg



Studies and Training

    2002 - Informatics: Analyst/programmer

Language skills

    Dutch: mother language

    French: basics

    English: good

Technical knowledge

PHP - Javascript - AJAX - JSON - XML - XHTML/CSS - Google maps - Mootools - jQuery + jQuery User Interface - Yahoo! User Interface Library - Firefox Extentie (XML User Interface Language-XUL) - Microsoft .Net - VB.Net - C# - Visual Basic 6 - Active Server Pages(ASP) - C - Java - Visual Basic Script - C++ - Visual Basic for Applications(VBA) - LDAP - Delphi 6 - ...

Professional experience

2008-2010 Rsolution
    • Many Web-CMS implementations (Recent projects)
        • Rsolution PHP CMS-systeem, based on CSV files.
        • AJAX/Javascript UI, with Jquery animations and JqueryUI elements.
        • Administrator module for follow-up van registrations.
        • Exhibitor Login to upload photos and event dates.
        • Upload large files with progress indicators.
        • Several technical search engine optimizations for better visibility in search engines.
        • CSV export of all collected data for publication to catalog.
        • Simplified interface when using obsolete browsers.
        • PHP Web CMS system for hosting. (ModX)
        • Ajax/Javascript/Jquery Web2.0 hosting calculator & domain checker & orders.
        • PHP CMS-system/Webshop
        • Development Javascript/YahooUI/Mootools AJAX Web2.0 interface.
        • Together with the customer looking for a good branding for the future.
      • cataloog 2009 & 2010
        • CSV driven catalog (Site manageable using spreadsheet / spreadsheet)
        • Search engine friendly pages & automatic sitemaps.
        • Mobile friendly pages.
      • WEDding Rock (Wedding website)
        • CMS system where customers can update text and links.
        • Layout and concept were created by the bride, after which it converted into a Rsolution technically correct website
          • There was a specific question for all layout to make it configurable for later recycling.
          • (Validated W3C - HTML / CSS)
        • With:
          • Ticket ordering
          • Guestbook
          • Feedback form
          • News items
      • Sportcongres
        • PHP ModX CMS-systeem, customers can manage content.
        • Layout was a specific question and idea
          (W3C validated - HTML / CSS)
        • Automation tenders of congress:
          • Confirmation via email.
          • Export opportunity for managers with online data collected through Excel.
          • Paypal online payment and purchase tickets for this event.
      • Nutrimedes bvba
        • Several computerized registration forms, including Paypal payments.
        • Maintaining existing websites.
      • Stylenco
        • Adjustments to Magento eCommerce software platform.
    • Rtube
      • Javascript/Mozilla XulRunner.
      • Remote site definitions(update system)
      • Local crawler techniques.
      • Play Flashmovies without extra FlashPlayer installation.
    • Rspygame: Google maps customizations (in development)
      • PHP webservices/MySQL
      • Google Maps API
      • Google Gears
      • jQuery & jQuery UI
      • Javascript/JSON
      • W3C Geolocation (GPS) 
    • Rsurvey
      • Ajax web 2.0 development in combination with PHP and XML and JSON
      • PHP webservices/MySQL
      • Yahoo User Interface Library 
    • RvrtRip
    • Several PHP web crawlers / scrapers for use on for gathering information broker (estate) websites on various buildings and grounds.
  • (web)Hosting company
    • Legal structure
    • Technical structure hosting
    • Supplier +50 toplevel domains
    • Automated hosting plans for customized hosting
2006-2008 Sogeti BeLux N.V.
  • KBC Bank (Leuven-Brussel)
    • Startup of maintenance team .NET applications with Framework
      • Training "Boot Camp" for use of KBC. NET Framework code & conventions
      • Workshop: "Best practices for unit testing" by "Learning Center - Item Solutions"
      • Coordinate transfers from "new development" to "maintenance", knowledge management.
      • Working together with management, proactive and problem solving.
    • Maintenance .Net application KBC IFIMA Rotterdam
      • Complete accounting Model A (Belgian accounting).
      • Export to Dutch accounting (Exact)
      • Business knowledge: derivatives, pro-rate coupons (variable, fixed, floating rate, ...)
    • Maintenance several VB6 applications.
      • Several successful challenges:
        • Solve VB6 memory-leaks
        • Large batch processing in office automation & VB6
        • Review and modify code, fix code-smells
        • Third line help desk
2002 - 2005 Partezis (ACC) - Haasrode
  • More than 3 years experience in projects of all kinds
    • 1.5 years full "Knowledge Database" developed in VB6 and used by 55-employees.
      This includes:
      • Cases, help desk calls (tickets)
      • 'Solutions' database, each structured 'solution' can be found concerning:
        • Helpdesk Solutions
        • Developer/code/programming/configuration solutions
        • Customers can report problems through a website and get immediate solutions.
      • Request Flow for software changes within the company or external customers.
      • Customer info
      • Contracts
      • Software modules
      • Flow system of case assignments
      • Mailings
      • ASP link in the 'Knowledge Base' problems so that customers can log on, search, follow-up through the web.
    • Development of PDP+ in VB.Net (dynamic patient record of Psychiatry)
      • Administrator modules:
        • Variabel security layer (element based)
        • Dynamical elements
        • User modules
        • Generator variable data(*) + security
          • (*)variable data:
            Full psychiatric file of data concerning a patient, to be connected with external software.
        • Module "treatment plans" (Treatment / patient discussions)
        • Link with medication management
        • Observations
          • Weekly planning / Job Listings
          • Actions
          • ...
        • Attractive user interface (the reason for the new PDP)
    • Writing a database-class generator for use in
      • Data layer, Business layer, Graphical layer
    • Maintenance Iris (Nursing homes)
    • Maintenance MBV (Medical Imaging)
    • Maintenance "Knowledge Database" (see above)
    • Various changes in existing projects (Delphi, Java, ASP, VB6,, VBA)
    • Second line help desk for all the above applications

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