Rtube technical information

  • Rtube is NOT based on Firefox, but both applications are based on the Mozilla-XUL framwork.
  • Rtube does not remove DRM(Digital Rights Management)
    removing DRM would be illegal against DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and EUCD(European Copyright Directive) laws.
  • Rtube does not send any search-query's to the Rsolution servers.
  • When running Rtube the only information that is send to Rsolution is the login: username, password, RtubeVersion, timestamp of request
  • Rtube does NOT contain anything harmfull for your computer.
  • Rtube uses a unique client crawling system, it uses less resources and bandwidth than visiting the normal online-video site.
    images, banners and subframes are not loaded when searching.
  • ...


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